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HERstories is where we highlight the impact birth workers and lactation supporters are making across the global landscape. Specifically, as it pertains to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

All My Babies...A Midwife's Own Story

A 1953 training film for midwives.

This short film follows midwife, Mrs. Mary Coley, in her work and shares in detail a complete delivery and demonstrates the approved procedures to be used by the midwife before, during, and after delivery.

Eggs Over Easy

A film about Black women and fertility.

Eggs Over Easy is a documentary that explores the taboo subject of fertility in the Black community. Requires sign-in. Visit http://www.eggsovereasyfilm.com/ for more information about the film and filmmaker Chiquita Lockley.


Follow (and Use) the Hashtag

Covering the stories of lactation professionals and the parents that benefit from their expertise, this hashtag serves a "one-stop shop" to share one of the many ways we all help each other.

Chocolate Milk

Documentary Encouraging Breastfeeding

Encouraging more black moms to breastfeed through shared stories and experiences. Made possible by The African American Breastfeeding Project.