Breastfeeding Summits

In 2012, Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere Inc. (ROSE) held its first of three annual Breastfeeding Summits titled, 2012 Breastfeeding Summit: Reclaiming An African American Tradition at Morehouse School of Medicine, funded by the Office on Women's Health and strongly supported by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition.

ROSE Community Transformers

The ROSE Community Transformer Training is a two-day workshop utilizing an evidence-based curriculum on providing peer breastfeeding support. During the training, individuals learn the essential skills for providing peer counseling in the area of lactation management and methods for making referrals to resources for interventions outside of their scope of practice. They are also taught how to lead ROSE breastfeeding clubs.

ROSE Breastfeeding Clubs

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation funded the development of the curriculum for ROSE's Breastfeeding Club. Breastfeeding clubs are open-forum discussions conducted by trained Community Transformers in an informal setting. In these environments, families can learn more than basic breastfeeding, but the mechanics of breastfeeding, which helps to increase the duration and multiply the benefits. Each breastfeeding club is set...

ROSE Baby Cafe

ROSE initiative to improve access to breastfeeding in the African-American community.

This virtual cafe is about reclaiming our breastfeeding experience and reforming healthcare through breastfeeding.

It includes resources for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, support from trained ROSE staff, and an open forum discussion.

We meet on Mondays. For more info:

Village Innovating Perinatal Services

The Village Innovating Perinatal Support (VIPS) Cohort represents a dynamic range of individuals and organizations that rose to the occasion to support families during an unprecedented time. Access to funding played a crucial role in VIPS ability to expand the availability of their services. In doing so, families had increased opportunities to receive follow-up care and support during their perinatal period.


Breastfriends is an 8-week peer support program that pairs people who have had a positive breastfeeding experience and breastfed for at least 6 months within the past 5 years with people who have little to no breastfeeding experience.

If you have an interest in providing breastfeeding peer support and are willing to participate in the BreastFriend Program for the full 8 weeks, then this program may be for you.

The Queen Circle

The Queen Circle promotes open conversation among grandparents of color to share their infant feeding experiences.

By having these conversations our hope is these shared experiences will safely encourage infant feeding changes for our communities of color and promote better health outcomes.

We invite not only grandparents but any older people who provide support for women who are breastfeeding.

Healthcare Provider Training

ROSE conducts trainings on breastfeeding support for health care providers, peer counselors, and community health workers who work with underserved communities and families of color. In 2013, ROSE provided training in New Orleans, LA for 300 public health employees; in Anniston, AL for 100 healthcare providers which included physicians, nurse midwives, nurses, nutritionists, nursing students, and lactation consultants...