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ROSE Statement on Infant Feeding

ATLANTA, GA, May 31, 2022 — ROSE works to normalize breastfeeding by providing resources and networking opportunities for individuals and communities. As a trusted expert in partnership with communities, we are working toward equity in maternal and child health, especially for Black families.

Because our goal is optimal health and wellbeing for infants, mothers, and birthing parents, we promote, support, and protect breastfeeding and human milk feeding.

During any crisis, we are concerned that good nutrition is available for all infants. In addition, we are aware of the stress of parenting and its effect on the health of parents during a crisis.

ROSE Victorious over Georgia's Unconstitutional Licensing Law


We took this on because of our passion and love for our community.

Dr. Kimarie Bugg, ROSE CEO & Founder

ATLANTA, GA, March 3, 2022 — A law that requires Georgia residents that want to teach women how to breastfeed to obtain the equivalent of an advanced degree was ruled unconstitutional March 3 by the Fulton County Superior Court. Georgia was the only state in the US with this requirement. Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere (ROSE) and its co-founder, Mary Jackson, challenged the law with help from representing law firm, Institute for Justice (IJ). The victory now allows lactation consultants in Georgia to freely teach new moms about breastfeeding without fearing their work will become illegal.