Natalie C – ROSE T-Shirt and Goodie Bag Winner

ROSE T-Shirt and Goodie Bag Winner

My most favorite Dr. King Prayer that has always inspired me goes like this: “Use me, God. Show me how to take who I am, who I want to be and what I can do and use it for a purpose greater than myself.” This prayer has helped me through many challenges including carrying and my delivery and breastfeeding of my first child Murphy.

Murphy was born at home quickly and unexpectedly. With the help of my doula, she introduced me to the natural, intuitive and holistic side of birthing, delivery and postpartum. I’ve had to call on her a handful of times for support, breastfeeding included. She helped Murphy latch on after the birth.

Being a first time at stay-at-home Mom is a blessing. I have stepped into a new role of being mother and Breastfeeding is part of my new role. Knowing that I am being used in a purpose greater than myself, which is nourishing Murphy to the fullest extent is my first priority. I choose to watch what I eat, I am a vegetarian and also avoiding as many processed food, and chemicals as possible. I’ve been encouraged to use formula and to wean him off so I can enter the work force, however I have to remind myself constantly that am doing this all for my son so he can have a healthy fresh start.

In other countries where birthing as natural as possible and breastfeeding is the norm, I wanted to keep with what women have done for ages. I hope that all women do what they believe is right for them in their eyes for their child regardless of what others may think is correct.

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