Ariane R – $100 Gift Card Winner

$100 Gift Card Winner

*Stay Woke and Breastfeed
*By: Ariane L. Randolph
For the past ten years my husband and I have had the honor and the pleasure to usher in five beautiful children from my womb to the community. We know how big a blessing that is and we give thanks to the Creator. My husband, Jakumi Randolph, is my breastfeeding “star”. I am Thankful that his mom, Mama ” J ” , provided Melanoid Breastmilk to him and his brothers. There was no doubt that we would be providing the best first food ever to our first born seed. I remember it like it was yesterday, the birth of our first child. It was a couple of weeks before the commemoration of our indigenous ancestors, in late November. The hospital was short staffed. It appeared that we arrived during a nurse shift change. The nurse made a bad first impression. She was rushed, impersonal, and automatically assumed that we wanted an epidural. My husband stepped in so fast to tell her that we would not be getting an epidural. She was very pushy. He firmly informed her of our wishes again, and then asked her not to return. You see we had decided, (based on our child-birth class), that we did not want an epidural. It was our first baby, but we held firm to what we had planned. We ended up having to birth in the intake birthing room because of the short staff. My husband had brought lamps from the house to make a calming ambiance and had my favorite songs in the playlist. Once our daughter entered from womb to community, on the breast she went. We have not looked back since. We have breastfeed and worked through me returning to work with our first right at six weeks to working at home with our two middle boys to me being a full-time stay-at-home-entrepreneur-mom with our last two girls. We have pumped, had children not take the bottle, did no pacifiers ever, of course I have been bit (ouch), and we have experienced thrush. We have breastfeed toddlers, breastfeed while pregnant, and breastfeed and made babies while vegan, gluten and soy free, and maintained a workout routine. We are still proving Mama’s Melanoid Breastmilk to our fifth seed, who is 13 months, and we plan to let her self wean.

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