Miracle Milk Stroll


ROSE Stroll Info:

Summergate Park

3700 Columbia Parkway, Decatur Georgia 30034
11:00 am – 1:00 pm

ROSE is participating in the 1st Nationwide Miracle Milk Mother’s Day Stroll! Join us on Saturday, May 10, 2014 in U.S. and Canadian Malls & Parks for the 1st Mother’s Day Miracle Milk™ Stroll to raise funds, educate & raise appreciation for the life-saving power of human milk!
See more at: http://www.bestforbabes.org/miracle-milk-stroll#sthash.VV2C77CZ.dpuf

Human milk is an immune-building, disease-busting fluid that contains hundreds of healthy bacteria and complex sugar compounds that have been shown to destroy harmful bacteria, like pneumococcus, E.Coli, Salmonella, even superbugs like C. Diff., a daily vaccine against viruses to which the mother is exposed, contains cancer-fighting cells & stem cells, is chock full of essential fatty acids (e.g., Omega 3′s that build and protect the brain & help with mood stability), and can even help older babies, children and adults to heal from illness.  Read the miraculous story of brain injured formula-fed Baby Charlotte.  For more amazing facts read your Mom-Made Wonder Food and what’s in Your Miracle Milk.

Proceeds benefit Best for Babes and our Partners NECSociety & HMBANA to fund education for parents, medical directors, hospital administrators, and health care providers about the existence, accessibility, safety and life-saving power of human milk and donor milk for our most fragile and compromised infants in the NICU.

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