Partner Resources

In many households, dad plays a strong role in the decision to breastfeed. Some dads-to-be may be against it for a number of reasons. Some dads may think that breastfeeding will change your breasts or affect his relationship with you. Or some dads may think the only way they can bond with the baby is through feeding. These are understandable concerns. But one research study showed that when dads-to-be learn all the benefits of breastfeeding, almost 75% of their partners start breastfeeding when their baby is born. Plus, there are many ways for a father to bond with his baby other than feeding: diaper changes, bath time, playtime, or bedtime. Dad can also bring the baby to you for feedings or hold the baby after a feeding. (Tip: Skin-to-skin contact, also called "kangaroo care," helps babies bond with both parents.)