Healthcare Provider Training

ROSE conducts trainings on breastfeeding support for health care providers, peer counselors, and community health workers who work with underserved communities and families of color. In 2013, ROSE provided training in New Orleans, LA for 300 public health employees; in Anniston, AL for 100 healthcare providers which included physicians, nurse midwives, nurses, nutritionists, nursing students, and lactation consultants; and Jackson, Tupelo, and Columbus, MS where 286 WIC and public health staff were trained. ROSE provided 10 trainings throughout Mississippi, the state with the lowest breastfeeding rates among African Americans, in 2014. During training, ROSE engages participants to think big and imagine being the change agent for breastfeeding in their state. ROSE empowers participants to share the message of supporting breastfeeding in African American communities to all the staff and the customers. ROSE encourages trainees to consider the families they serve as partners, not recipients.